• How to Color Your Clip In Hair Extensions?

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    With many reasons to want to color your extensions, ranging from wanting to add a high light, low light, or even a color accent to your natural color. Coloring your extensions can also provide a change in color without damaging your own hair in the process. This will ultimately let you know if a big change in your natural hair is something you would like to do. Coloring hair extensions isn't as tricky as you might think. There are so many possibilities and color options to choose from, and it just takes a few items and time to get the perfect outcome for your new extensions. Coloring or dying your extensions can either be a permanent change or a temporary one depending on what dye you choose. You may either a permanent, demi or semi permanent.

    For the easiest route to coloring extensions choosing a pre lightened hair extension. This will allow for more options and easy coloring. So let's get started.

    What You’ll Need



    Hair Coloring


    Wide Tooth Comb

    Aluminum Foil

    Color bowl

    Color brush





    Getting Started

    Firstly, you will need to detangle your clip in hair extensions. This is paramount to ensuring your color is saturated completely throughout the whole extension. After you have completely detangled your extensions it is time to whip up your hair color. If you are trying to go lighter shades, or super vibrant colors you’ll first need to lighten the hair. This will require the use of lightener, developer, and aluminum foil. Once you have applied the lightener you’ll wrap in foil and apply heat. Once the desired level of lightness is achieved you will rinse and shampoo and condition.  It is important to follow your hair colors manufacturer's instructions. You'll want to wait to color your clip in extensions until they are dry if you have pre lightened them.

    You'll be wanting to wear gloves anytime you are working with chemicals such as color and lightener. Start by laying out your hair extensions individually on separate sheets of foil. If you stack them, or make them clumpy the color will not penetrate evenly. Once you have got them organized you can now begin mixing the color.

    Mixing and Applying Color

    It's very important to follow manufacturers instructions for mixing your color. It is also important to use the right level of developer. Make sure that your color and developer are well mixed, you will now be ready to apply. Using your color brush start applying the color to the ends first, and then move up the weft.  A good method to make sure it is evenly saturated is to use the corner of the color brush and sweep in a downward motion. You won't need to work in a super slow pace to apply but be mindful that all stands are completely saturated. After you have applied the color to the front, flip the extensions over and repeat the process. Next you'll want to seal the extensions with the aluminum foil. You can use another piece and just lay on top or fold the one piece over. Either method will work, you just want to be sure they are covered. This is good for processing, and also less messy.

    Processing Time

    Processing time will vary based on what color manufacturer you are using, so again I stress read the instructions. A good rule of thumb on clip in hair extensions would be about a 30- 45 min processing time if you are going darker. This will allow for ample time for the color to fully process.


    Shampoo and Conditioner

    After your processing time has been completed it is now time to rinse. The easiest way is to rinse each hair extension track individually. You will want to use cold water, and rinse until the water is clear. Do this for each hair extension weft. Are you have them all rinsed, it's shampoo time. Fill your sink with lukewarm water adding a small amount of color safe shampoo, then mix. Place your extensions in the sink and mix around gently, but be conscious not to make unnecessary tangles. Next, you'll drain the sink and rinse.

    Conditioner will need to be color safe, just like the shampoo you used. It is a good idea to apply and let it sit for about an hour on hair that has been colored. This will restore moisture and shine. At this stage you can gently use your wide tooth comb to remove tangles, but be gentle. Once you are ready to rinse, remember to use cold water.


    Those are the basic steps to coloring your clip in hair extensions. Try to keep them as free of tangles as you can during the process, this will help for the coloring process and for it to look even. There is nothing worse than splotchy hair. Take your time during the application process, and always remember to read the manufacturer's instructions for both mixing and processing time.Enjoy your vibrantly colored clip in extensions, whether you are using bright bold or darker color levels, they will be sure to wow.

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  • 7 Reasons Why You’ll Want to Try Ombre Hair Extensions

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    Chrissy Tiegen, Jennifer Anniston and Ciara are just a few of the many celebrities who have taken their hair color to the next level by adding beautiful ombre or balayage highlights to their tresses. The way their darker roots gently transition into the lighter tones of color along the length of their hair creates a beautiful effect that makes the hair of these famous ladies look like it’s been kissed by the sun on a warm summer’s day.  

    Thankfully, this hot new trend in hair coloring isn’t just for the rich and famous. Anyone who wants to look and feel like a celebrity or add instant glam to their look can do so with ease with the use of ombre or balayage clip in hair extensions. You can pump up your look, make it more modern or just try a different color with these types of pre dyed hair extensions:


    Balayage is a French highlighting technique where color is swept or painted onto the hair to create softly blended highlights. The roots are left dark and the color is applied along the length of the hair to create a soft and natural looking transition from dark to light.


    Ombre, which means shaded in French, is a coloring technique where blocks of hair are colored in shades ranging from dark to light. Hair coloring begins away from the roots beginning with the darkest color at the top and finishing with the lightest color at the bottom.

    Now that you know more about ombre and balayage hair extensions,  here are 7 reasons you’ll want to give them a try:

    1. There’s no commitment

    Ombre and balayage hair extensions give you the color you want without the use of semi permanent or permanent dyes that can cause damage to your hair. Ombre hair extensions eliminate the months you’d normally need to wait before transitioning to another hair color. Instead of waiting you can change your hair color in an instant with ombre or balayage hair extensions. You can remove them in minutes anytime you want without applying any special treatments or spending hours detangling them from your natural hair and wash and store them for later use.

    1. They’re cheaper than the salon

    Getting your hair dyed by a professional can cost hundreds of dollars for the first application alone. Throw in monthly color touch ups and color maintenance and the cost of paying a professional to maintain your ombre or balayage hair color can skyrocket quickly and be an ongoing expense. The great thing about ombre or balayage hair extensions is that they are a onetime investment that will save you money over time.

    1. They don’t fade

    Colors treatments applied directly to the hair eventually fade and lose their brilliance and shine.  Ombre hair extensions and balayage hair extensions undergo a special dying process that ensures long lasting color that won’t fade or run.

    1. They blend easily with your hair

    Ombre and balayage hair extensions are the best options for women with darker hair for achieving the most natural overall appearance. The dark roots of ombre hair and balayage hair extensions makes them among the easiest weaves to blend with your natural hair. You’ll never have to worry about your natural hair color peeking through or have difficulties matching hair extensions to your own hair color even if it has lingering remnants of color near the ends.

    1. They’re versatile

    Ombre and balayage hair extensions give you the freedom and flexibility to change your hair color as often as you’d like. We have about 10 colors available right now,but we are adding more colors all the time.Wear subtle auburn ombre clip in hair extensions when you’re meeting with clients during the day and switch to blonde ombre clip in hair extensions when you’re out with friends at night. Ombre hair extensions give you a nearly endless variety of hair styling options that you can change to suit any occasion.

    1. You can have fun and be creative

    Have fun creating an endless variety of hair styles with the playful colors of ombre and balayage hair extensions. Look like a beauty on the beach, a glamorous starlet or a fashionable urban sophisticate with the right clip in hair extensions. Wear your hair in messy ponytails, upswept buns or let ringlets of curls cascade down your back. Ombre clip in hair extensions make it easy and fun to play with your hair and wear it any way you choose.

    1. They’ll look great on you

    Ombre hair extensions and balayage hair extensions integrate easily into short, medium length and long hair and, depending upon the hair extensions you choose, can add anything from a hint of color that will frame your face and highlight your best features to a dramatic pop of color that will make you stand out from the crowd.   



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  • How to Care For Your Hair Extensions?

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    Useful Tips For Caring For Your Clip In Extensions

    After you have made your purchase of clip in extensions, you'll want to practice a good maintenance routine to keep them looking their best. Clip in hair extensions, whether synthetic or human require care, and there are a few helpful tips you'll want to practice to avoid damaging your luxurious new locks.

    Keeping Extensions Free of Tangles

    While this practice may seem like an easy one, it's important to use the right tools on clip in extensions. While your natural hair can tolerate a firmer brushing, extensions are a little more delicate. It is recommended that you only use a wide tooth comb or a soft bristle brush, preferable a brush made of boar bristles. These tools will lessen the amount of hair that is potentially lost due to snagging, and pulling from the weft itself. Always, and it can't be stressed enough, brush from the ends first. You'll want to firmly grasp your extensions at the top near the clips just under them. Then with your other hand start using your wide tooth comb at the ends slowly progressing upwards towards the weft. After you have removed most of the tangles or knots you can then switch to a soft boar bristle brush to finish detangling. Also, it is never a good idea to brush your extensions when they are wet, because hair is at its most fragile state and is more prone to breakage.

    Using Shampoo

    The use of shampoo is primarily to remove buildup from styling products and residual oil. Unlike natural hair, the oils from your scalp are not constantly running down the hair causing them to be excessively oily, however if you comb them while they are installed some oil can transfer. It is recommended to only shampoo when absolutely necessary. The recommended schedule of washing your clip in extensions is after 15-20 times of wearing them. It is important to choose the right shampoo for washing your extensions, and not to directly apply to them. For shampooing, add about two or three drops of shampoo into a clean sink with lukewarm water, and gently move the extensions around in the soapy water.

    When choosing a shampoo, there are two options you can purchase a shampoo specifically designed for extensions such as Cinderella Hair Extension Papaya Shampoo. Your other option is to use a shampoo that is sulphate and alcohol free, and that is color safe, one example would be Vibrant Sexy Hair by Sexy Hair. Most manufactures will include this information on the labels.

    Conditioning Your Extensions

    Conditioning is probably the best process you can do for your clip in extensions. After you shampoo, applying a good silicone free conditioner will keep hair soft and shiny. Conditioner will also restore moisture which is vital for  healthy looking hair.  For the best results, allow ample time to let the conditioner soak into the hair stands. The minimum amount of time is one hour, and overnight it will provide a deep conditioning effect. You may also use a deep conditioning treatment if your extensions are feeling dry, and have lost some luster. While the conditioner has been applied you may carefully run a wide tooth comb through, much as you did on them when they were dry. This will allow conditioner to reach every stand and aid in detangling.  

    When it comes to buying conditioner for your clip in extensions it is not necessary to purchase conditioner only for extensions. You may use any conditioner that is silicone free, paraben free, and safe on color treated hair. Be sure to read the labels, just as you would for buying shampoo, to make sure it is free of parabens and silicone.

    Storing Your Extensions

    Store Hair Extensions

    After all the care that goes into taking care of your extensions, storing them properly will keep them looking nice and prevent matting and tangles. It is recommended to keep them in a package, or box the same length as the hair to keep them straight and neat. You will want to stack them neatly on top of each other and gently place in the package. There are a few options on the market that provide a clean dry place to store them while not in use or you can use a clean shoe box if you have one.

    Tips on What to Avoid When It Comes to Clip in Extensions

    Some things you will want to avoid doing with your clip in extensions are:

    Using heat to dry wet extensions. Extensive use of heat damages both synthetic and human hair. It may be tempting to quickly dry with a blow dryer, but for best results and longer lasting extensions allow them to air dry. When you style with heat, always remember to use a heat protectant, such as Firewall by AG.

    Don't wear your clip in extensions in the pool. Chlorine is harmful to extensions and zaps the moisture right out of the hair. It also can cause tinting of your color, adding an unwanted green tint. It's best to just avoid chlorinated pools while wearing them.

    It isn't recommended that you sleep in your clip ins. Not only is this damaging to your natural hair, but it will matte extensions horribly. It's a good idea to remove your extensions at bed time and place them in an extension storage bag or box


    Caring for your hair extensions is quite simple, and with the tips provided your extensions will last longer and keep their healthy look. Protect your clip in hair extension investment and follow these easy steps to ensure the best results.

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  • How To Choose The Right Thickness Of Clip In Hair Extensions?

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    There are a vast amount of options available on the market for clip in hair extensions from color, length, to how much hair you need. We are going to be focusing on how to decide what amount of hair will work for you. Firstly, there are things to know about choosing the right amount, and this is understanding the lingo that manufactures use when describing hair extension products. The most common measurement and is widely known in the extension works is weight measured in grams. You can commonly see packages of hair being sold by 120g, 130g, 160g(coming soon),220g(coming soon) and so on. This can be confusing when trying to pick what will mean for you and your needs.

    Clip in extensions have both a weight and the amount of stands on a weft. The higher the count the more the hair. Other factors also weigh into its weight such as length of the hair you are buying. Some things you'll want to look for in a high quality product is the continuity from the track(at the top), and the ends(at the bottom). Most commonly, when you are shopping for new extensions price can also be a factor. Typically, the higher amount of grams is going to be a higher cost. But, what does this really mean to you and choosing the right hair. Well, there are some factors you need to know when you purchase hair and we'll go through them.

    What Type of Hair is Your Natural Hair?

    In order to get a good match and have your extensions look realistic, and ladies we know this is the number one concern when wearing extension hair, you must first analyze your own natural hair. Ask yourself, is your hair fine or thick or maybe medium? Do you have wavy, straight, kinky, curly hair? Lastly what is your hair density? Hair density is described as the amount of hair you have in a 1x1 square inch on your head. If you have a lot of hair you have a higher density. This is the first step in determining what amount of hair is right for you. If you were to buy a lot of wavy hair and you normally have thinner or finer straight hair it may not match the leave out hair you will have to blend. It is very important to consider the blending of your natural hair to the  extensions for the most realistic look. A good rule of thumb is to order what your natural hair is like. If you have thick hair you will need more to produce the same lol but longer.

    Why Are You Wanting Extensions?

    Another aspect that is commonly skipped over, is why are you wanting extensions? Most people think that extensions are just for adding length, hence the term extension. However, there is another reason, to add volume and fullness. Some people are looking for a combination of both! Whichever reason brought you to getting extensions, choosing the correct amount of hair to achieve the desired look is crucial. If you are wanting fullness then selecting a higher gram will most certainly achieve this.


    What Does Grams Mean on Wefted Hair?

    To really explain grams of hair you must also look at the length of hair in which you are getting. If for instance, you get 18 inch long hair it may be 120g of hair per track. That same 120g if you go shorter length of extensions, say, 14 inches just to add volume it will appear fuller. This is something to keep in mind when buying a new set of extensions. When you are wanting to at length having a good amount of grams  would be ideal.

     130G T6/613# Before and After

    Purchasing the Correct Amount and the Right Product for you

    Making the decision on what to purchase can be confusing, and certainly if it is your first time getting extensions it may seem a little overwhelming. Clip ins are a great choice especially because you can add more tracks if necessary if you feel you need to, or take some out if it is a bit too heavy looking. If you have too many extensions in, a bulky look can happen from several tracks being in place. While a gram count is important, length is also a major factor. When you go to picking your hair look at what a shop offers. Do the grams increase with length? This is a great sign because with the added length will come added weight. If there isn't an increase the hair count on the weft will be less and therefore look sparse. This is usually found on lower end, lower quality products.


    After you have analyzed your own hair type, density, and length, you will now be able to make an informed purchase. Remember to keep in mind what you are wanting to achieve whether fullness, or length or both. These are the two factors that weigh heavily on your need for more grams and length.

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  • How to Wash Clip-In Hair Extensions - BestHairStore

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    If you are new to the lifestyle of wearing clip in hair extensions, you probably have several questions on keeping them at their best. If you have had your hair for a while and are curious what you should be doing to maximize the longevity of your hair, then this is for you as well. This blog will walk you through one of the most important parts of maintaining the moisture, shine, and overall appearance of your clip in extensions, which is washing them. Just like you have to shampoo and condition your natural hair, the same goes for hair extensions. The goal with washing is to remove product buildup, and keep them looking as fresh as the day you started wearing them.

    Getting started

    One of the first things you will need to do is have the proper tools needed for washing them. Some things you will need are a wide tooth comb, which will be gentler on your extensions. You will also need a shampoo and conditioner that is designed for clip in extensions or wefted hair. Wefted hair refers to hair that is sewn on a track. If these  products aren't available, the use of a sulfate and alcohol free, and color safe shampoo and conditioner is an alternative and will do just fine. A soft bristle brush, in combination with a wide tooth comb this will reduce tangling. As an optional item,a shower cap or saran wrap for the conditioning process would be useful. Lastly,  cleaning your hair will require some time. Not to worry though, the process is relatively easy as you will see.

    • Awide tooth comb
    • Shampoo and conditioner
    • Bristle brush
    • Shower cap


    Step 1:  Detangling and Combing

    Hair extensions after wearing can become matted, and have tangles, much like your natural hair. This is especially true when you style and use products or just a windy day outside. The first thing you will want to do is lay each of your extensions out flat, you may spread them out end to end, or place them neatly on top of each other. It is good to note, before you begin combing them, is how they are attached. Hair extensions can be somewhat delicate near the clips or track end, so going at them very quickly could potentially pull some stands out. Often times this is an overlooked aspect of brushing. It is best to take your time on this step to ensure you don't pull out stands unnecessarily. Start by combing with your wide tooth comb at the ends of the hair and gently work your way up to the top. Once you have finished with the wide tooth comb, up can switch to a soft briskly brush to help the detangling process even more. Do this for each section of hair.


    Step 2: Sink Preparation and Shampoo

    Shampoo is meant to cleanse, and remove build up, and in a sense refresh. A different approach is used on shampooing hair extensions. You will first need to make sure your sink is cleaned and free of dirt and other contaminants. Then, using lukewarm water fill the sink about halfway. It is a good idea to add about two or three pumps of shampoo to the water while it is running. You won't want to apply shampoo directly to the hair, as it can lead to more tangles. Once your sink is ready to go, it's time to start washing! If you wash smaller amounts of hair will be easier to manage. Using one hand you'll want to firmly grasp the top where the clips are and slowly with your other hand move the soapy water through the hair completely. The goal is to clean, not tangle.  You will want to submerge the clips as well. A q tip can be used to really get in and between the clips .  After you have shampooed each clip in section place them on a towel.

    Step 3: Conditioner Time

    Of all the steps, conditioning your extensions is probably the most important. It puts valuable moisture back in, and brings back the softness and shine. Depending on how much time you have, will also determine how long to condition. It is best to have at least an hour dedicated to letting the conditioner penetrate the stands, even better if you can apply the conditioner and let them rest overnight. Liberally, apply the conditioner starting with the ends and massage upwards towards the clips. It is not necessary to get conditioner on the clips and weft, so mainly focus on the hair itself. Once you are done applying you place the extensions in a shower cap or even wrap them in saran wrap if you don't have one, and let them sit. Time is completely up to you, but the longer the better up to about 8 hours or overnight. A minimum of an hour will do the trick nicely.

    Step 4: Rinse and Dry time

    Once you have let the conditioner soak in its time to rinse. You'll want to use cold water, and by cold I mean as cold as you can handle. This will lock in the conditioning stage and give you maximum shine and aid in tangle prevention. Again, taking smaller amounts of hair at a time, start rinsing until the water is clear. Then place on a clean towel. Once all hair strands are rinsed you will want to allow for adequate dry time. It is advised to not use heat on your extensions, and is best to air dry. Using heat, such as a blow dryer, can reduce the conditioning effects and also create a tangley mess.

    Step 5: Comb

    Lastly, you'll want to again comb through your extensions when they are completely dry, and make sure they are free of tangles and to keep them straight. You should avoid combing the hair when it is wet, because hair is at its most fragile state and it can lead to breakage. Use your wide tooth comb for best results, and as always start from the ends and with your way through slowly to the top.

    That's it! You now have the steps needed to wash your lovely clip ins, and keep them looking fresh!



    With proper care clip ins can last up to 6 months, or even longer! The most asked question is how often should I be washing my clip in extensions? This will depend on the frequency you wear them. A good general rule of thumb is to wash after about 15-20 times of wearing them. Since extensions aren't getting the oil from your scalp, washing is primarily used to remove build up of product. The less you wash them the longer your extensions will last, but it's also important to properly wash them to remove build up, unwanted smells, and oils.

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