Posted by Jessica W

Each year, I write down my New Year's resolutions to eat healthier, be more active and reconnect with my family. Each January, I like to get a new hairstyle to commemorate my new beginnings. This year, ombre hairstyles are back in a big way, and I plan to take advantage of it. Here are 10 fun ombre hair ideas you can try this year to reinvent your look and your mindset.

1. Cause a Double Take With a Subtle Ombre

If you've ever noticed how beautiful someone's hair was but couldn't quickly identify why, maybe she had a subtle ombre. With just a slight variation of color from the top to the bottom, a subtle ombre draws attention to your face in a flattering way. Combined with a few human hair extensions, a subtle ombre can even make your hair look fuller.

2. Channel the Waves With a Beachy Ombre

When you spend a lot of time at the beach, you get sexy beach curls and sun-lightened hair. Many people try to recreate this look with over-the-counter beauty products and even applying acidic foods such as lemon to the hair. You can skip all of that by getting a beach-inspired ombre that lasts. For a gentle color change without applying chemicals to your scalp, try using clip-in hair extensions.

3. Make a Splash With a Mermaid Ombre

The color blue is reminiscent of the ocean and all that lives within it. A mermaid ombre transitions to stunning blue ends, much like a mermaid might. If you're not ready to commit to the blue, consider blue clip-in hair extensions to get the look without the permanence of bleach and blue hair dye.

4. Be Sassy With a Soft Red Ombre

Red is a bright and fun way to add color to an ombre hairstyle. Adding more red to your regular hair color can make a statement. With a soft red ombre and a halo hair extension, you can experiment with any shade of red, from the natural to the highly artificial.

5. Light Up Any Room With a Fire Ombre

If you have natural auburn or copper hair (or want to dye it!), a fire ombre is a great way to go. It incorporates different shades of red into a singular look. You can use clip-in hair extensions to affordably and quickly add many different shades of red to your hair, all of which complement one another. The fact that the hair extensions clip in lets you change your style in minutes.

6. Take a Chance With a Rainbow Ombre

Rainbow colors for hair are extremely popular. Some stylists incorporate every color of the rainbow into creative patterns and layers. Combine the rainbow and the ombre trends with a rainbow ombre featuring several primary colors, such as red, blue, orange and green. Try different variations with differently colored clip-in hair extensions to discover what you like best.

7. Pair Dark Hair With a Purple Ombre

If you have naturally dark hair, pair it with a deep purple ombre for a subtle yet vibrant look. Stars like Katy Perry can pull it off, and so can you. The purple plays off the deep hues in a way that's both a little bit gothic and a little bit classic. The combination is fun, especially when combined with remy hair extensions. Depending on the hues, this ombre might appear brighter in the sunlight than in darkly lit rooms.

8. Stand Out With an Icy Purple or Frosty Blue Ombre

While dark purple looks great with dark-colored hair, a light purple ombre with icy grays and whites looks stunning. If purple isn't your favorite, consider this with a light blue for a frosty look that grabs attention and seems to be inspired by the character Elsa from the movie Frozen. The contrast of colors and shades make quite a statement. If you're looking to try it but can't commit to a permanent change, try luxury hair extensions to add some color to your hair.

9. Show off a Bright and Short Ombre Style

For a really spunky look, use a brightly colored hue such as blue or green on a short pixie or shoulder-length bob. Shorter styles make it easy to experiment with bright colors you may not want in a longer style. Experiment with various demi-permanent dyes, and switch up your look every few weeks. One month, try red, and use blue the next. Use cheap hair extensions to change your look daily. Short cuts are already spunky, so anything goes. You could even try switching between long and short cuts with tape-in hair extensions.

10. Reverse the Classic Ombre

Most ombre styles feature a dark top with a lighter bottom. A light-to-dark ombre flips the look upside down, with the lighter color on the top. It's a great way to embrace a new look that's fresh and flattering, and it helps to beautifully frame your face.
This year, switch up your style with a fun version of the well-known ombre hairstyle. Choose funky colors or shorter lengths to experiment with and see what you like the best. If you want to play with ombre styles but don't want to commit to a permanent change, use hair extensions. You can have the best hair and the best ombre hair extensions. You never know what a simple change in your style can do for your whole outlook, and an ombre hairstyle is the perfect complement to the brand new year.