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Thinking of trying hair extensions? Need some reasons why? Well, here are 5 good ones to help you with your decision.

Hair Extensions Can Help You Grow Your Hair 

If your hair is shorter than you’d like it to be, maybe you cut it off and regret it or it just doesn’t grow much or fast enough. Putting in hair extensions can give you the length you desire right now, and helps you to not fuss over the fact that your natural hair isn’t as long as you’d like. This leads to leaving your hair alone for a while, which in turn will help it to grow. Many people tend to overwork their hair when they are trying to reach a length goal, sometimes by coloring too  much or over styling. Extensions can help with this.

Colored Extensions Can Protect Your Hair From Damage

Extensions come in many colors, both natural and trendy. If you’d like to try a different color but don’t want to damage your own hair with chemicals, or just like to change your hair color frequently, extensions can be a great addition. Especially when using “party” colors like pink, purple, etc., this is a great tool. Typically the natural hair needs to be pre-lightened before applying these colors so that they will be more vibrant. This damages the natural hair, and as a result, these colors don’t last very long in the hair. Extensions hold the color much better, and can be switched out easily for other colors.

5 Reasons to Wear Hair Extensions

Extensions Can Give You Hair Youll Never Have

Let’s face it, not everyone can grow their hair as long as they’d like. Hair may be too thin, too fine, too damaged or just not be genetically programmed  to get that long. Extensions are a perfect way to get the hair you desire. Most people look for length when considering hair extensions, but remember this: hair extensions also give your hair bulk. This is a wonderful addition if your hair is thinner than you’d like.

Extensions Can Be More Comfortable Than Wigs

Wigs can be a great thing, especially when loss of hair is an issue. But with hair extensions, the look can be more natural and more comfortable as they are attached to your own hair. You don’t have to be concerned about them falling off at an inopportune time, and you don’t have to worry about placement after taking them out. Yes, they can feel loose as they grow,  but with patience and a little TLC, you can enjoy your extensions between visits to the salon to have them re-done.

Extensions Can Be Easier To Style Than Your Own Hair

If your hair is shorter in length, often times it can take more work, like having to style every day. Longer hair can be “recycled” into the second and third day a bit easier.  Here is where extensions can help. Day one, blow dry and curl; day two, pull up into a soft pony tail; day three, take down and flat iron for a smooth finish. This keeps you from over washing and over styling your hair, which in turn helps it to grow and saves you time.

Why not give hair extensions a try? Talk to your stylist about which ones are right for you!


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