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Have you been thinking about enhancing your look by adding fullness or length to your natural hair? Hair extensions are the best way to change your look without having to permanently commit to colors. They can also be worn to give accent colors for special nights out or just to have some fun. Whatever the reason may be for you being interested in getting hair extensions there are a few things you should know before buying. If you know ahead of time, it will help you make the best decision on what your of extensions will work for you. Keep in mind this is a basic guide to help you achieve a positive outcome for your new clip in or tape in extensions.

One: Get a Fresh Cut

If you have ever noticed when you let your hair go uncut for a while, the scraggly ends will make it hard to blend into fresh new extensions. But why? Hair extensions come to you, as they should, in great shape with little damage done to them. If you are to blend them with ease having a fresh cut will most certainly help. So before your new extensions is due to arrive consider going to see your stylist for a haircut or trim depending on the length of time it’s been since you have gotten a haircut. However, don’t drastically change the length of your hair because it will be harder for you to  blend the extensions if you go from a medium do to a short pixie.

5 Tips About Blending Hair Extensions With Short Hair 

Two: Examine Your Own Natural Hair

I can not begin to describe how much this means for ordering your hair, and how you will be able to install it. There are some important questions you should ask yourself for the best possible outcome. These will include:

  • What type of hair do I have: Straight, Wavy, Curly, Kinky
  • What is my hair density: Low, Medium, High
  • What is my color: Light, Dark, blonde, brunette, black etc.
  • What is my hair thickness: Thin, thick, medium

These questions play an integral role in matching hair extensions for your particular hair. There will always have some of your own natural hair present when you wear clip in and tape in extensions. For this reason it is important to match the leave out with the closest option you can. You would not find that ordering straight hair if you have kinky hair to work out great. This is because the texture is so far off it couldn’t possibly look natural. Having a natural look is what extensions are mainly for. The key is to have no one know you are wearing them, while at the same time giving you the confidence to feel awesome about your hair. It doesn’t matter if it is for fullness or for length either one, matching the correct product to your own natural hair will make installing and wearing much easier and lets you worry less.

Three: Color

After already having touched on this slightly in number two when you examine your own hair. It is actually something to pay attention to. Are you wanting to have some peekaboo color come out that is obviously on purpose or are you trying to achieve the most natural look possible. If you are wanting to have a vivid color that is certainly not those that match your roots then you are good. If you are wanting natural you really need to pick the closest to match. If you are a blonde, there are so many levels to chose from. Bleach blondes go closer to the #613, while if you are wanting something more more realistic with high and low lights you will want to chose a blend. This will depend greatly on if you have colored your natural hair as well. The easiest way to order a good matching color is to identify your ends, and what color they are.

Four: How Do You Style Your Hair?

If you are not much for upkeep, then daily wear extensions might not be for you. They require a little bit of finesse to make them seamless. Rest assured once you have down exactly how they go into your head of hair it becomes much easier and part of your daily routine. Are extensions just for special occasions? If you are simply looking for a special occasion appeal then clip in or tape in would be an excellent choice. They can be removed quite easily and clip in’s can be done by you. If you have straight hair ordering straight hair will minimize the style time. Just as ordering a wavy if you have wavy will make it simple to blend. Keep this in mind if you are not wanting to straighten your natural hair every day to accommodate for straight hair extensions

Five: What Type of Extension is Best For You?

For the final rule, ask yourself if you are wanting something more permanant or something that you can do yourself. If you are looking for something to do in the comfort of your own home, Clip in’s are the best possible choice. Tape ins can also be achieved at home, but having a buddies help is recommended. All other options you will need to visit the salon for.

So if you are wanting something that has not a bunch of upkeep that you can remove in your own time, clip ins are the clear winner. Hopefully when you are shopping for your new extensions you keep these 5 rules in mind and enjoy the new hair extensions.


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