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Have you been wanting to try hair extensions? Not sure what kind to try? Having good information about the different types of hair extensions will help you in your search. Here we are talking about the clip-in type.

7 Reasons to Wear Clip-In Hair Extensions

Clip-Ins are Less Commitment

With clip-in hair extensions, it’s quite easy to change your look. Clip them in for your day, or going out at night, take them out to sleep, shower or whenever you don’t want them. It eliminates the need to have your stylist do them for you, although they can help with the first application if you are having trouble. Just don’t forget to keep your hair trimmed even though you are wearing extensions, this method doesn’t replace good hair care.

You Can Change Your Color Whenever You Want

Clip-ins, like all hair extensions, come in many colors. Feel like having highlights this week? Want to add some lowlights? Want to try balayage?How about some fun pink for a night out? You can have all these options with clip-ins. When you’re done, just take them out and store them for the next time. While wearing them you can skip having your color done, or have partial color done during this time.

Clip-Ins Can Save You $$Money$$

With clip-ins, you’re in control of the color, length, texture and when you put them in and take them out. You don’t need to visit the salon to have them worked on. You can save money by purchasing the fun colors in less volume, since you won’t necessarily need enough to cover your whole head. Just some pieces here and there for accent. In the more usual colors you’d want to have a whole head’s worth, but feel free to change it up!

Clip-Ins Can Give You Length with Less Damage

Using clip-ins is safe for your hair. Clip in and take out whenever you want. They are not ‘permanently’ attached to your hair, so there is less chance of breakage or damage while wearing. You’ll want to remember to be gentle when putting them in, however, as is recommended with all hair accessories.

With Clip-Ins Styling is Easy

They are easy to wash and dry while off the head, you can curl them easily, then just clip back in. They are a very versatile option if you like to change your look often.

Clip-Ins are Cost Effective

Since you don’t wear them 24-7, clip-ins are cost effective. They last longer as they are less exposed to the elements and the abuse we can sometimes give our hair. Changing them out saves wear and tear on the ones we’re not wearing. No need to sleep in them, therefore less tangling.

Clip-Ins are Just Plain Fun

Let’s admit it: changing the look of our style is fun! With clip-ins you can have a different style almost every day. You can have a look for work, play, going out with friends, a romantic look, a sporty look. The possibilities are endless!

What fun styles do you do with your clip-in hair extensions? 

What's your first clip in hair extension experience?

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