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Chrissy Tiegen, Jennifer Anniston and Ciara are just a few of the many celebrities who have taken their hair color to the next level by adding beautiful ombre or balayage highlights to their tresses. The way their darker roots gently transition into the lighter tones of color along the length of their hair creates a beautiful effect that makes the hair of these famous ladies look like it’s been kissed by the sun on a warm summer’s day.  

Thankfully, this hot new trend in hair coloring isn’t just for the rich and famous. Anyone who wants to look and feel like a celebrity or add instant glam to their look can do so with ease with the use of ombre or balayage clip in hair extensions. You can pump up your look, make it more modern or just try a different color with these types of pre dyed hair extensions:


Balayage is a French highlighting technique where color is swept or painted onto the hair to create softly blended highlights. The roots are left dark and the color is applied along the length of the hair to create a soft and natural looking transition from dark to light.


Ombre, which means shaded in French, is a coloring technique where blocks of hair are colored in shades ranging from dark to light. Hair coloring begins away from the roots beginning with the darkest color at the top and finishing with the lightest color at the bottom.

Now that you know more about ombre and balayage hair extensions,  here are 7 reasons you’ll want to give them a try:

  1. There’s no commitment

Ombre and balayage hair extensions give you the color you want without the use of semi permanent or permanent dyes that can cause damage to your hair. Ombre hair extensions eliminate the months you’d normally need to wait before transitioning to another hair color. Instead of waiting you can change your hair color in an instant with ombre or balayage hair extensions. You can remove them in minutes anytime you want without applying any special treatments or spending hours detangling them from your natural hair and wash and store them for later use.

  1. They’re cheaper than the salon

Getting your hair dyed by a professional can cost hundreds of dollars for the first application alone. Throw in monthly color touch ups and color maintenance and the cost of paying a professional to maintain your ombre or balayage hair color can skyrocket quickly and be an ongoing expense. The great thing about ombre or balayage hair extensions is that they are a onetime investment that will save you money over time.

  1. They don’t fade

Colors treatments applied directly to the hair eventually fade and lose their brilliance and shine.  Ombre hair extensions and balayage hair extensions undergo a special dying process that ensures long lasting color that won’t fade or run.

  1. They blend easily with your hair

Ombre and balayage hair extensions are the best options for women with darker hair for achieving the most natural overall appearance. The dark roots of ombre hair and balayage hair extensions makes them among the easiest weaves to blend with your natural hair. You’ll never have to worry about your natural hair color peeking through or have difficulties matching hair extensions to your own hair color even if it has lingering remnants of color near the ends.

  1. They’re versatile

Ombre and balayage hair extensions give you the freedom and flexibility to change your hair color as often as you’d like. We have about 10 colors available right now,but we are adding more colors all the time.Wear subtle auburn ombre clip in hair extensions when you’re meeting with clients during the day and switch to blonde ombre clip in hair extensions when you’re out with friends at night. Ombre hair extensions give you a nearly endless variety of hair styling options that you can change to suit any occasion.

  1. You can have fun and be creative

Have fun creating an endless variety of hair styles with the playful colors of ombre and balayage hair extensions. Look like a beauty on the beach, a glamorous starlet or a fashionable urban sophisticate with the right clip in hair extensions. Wear your hair in messy ponytails, upswept buns or let ringlets of curls cascade down your back. Ombre clip in hair extensions make it easy and fun to play with your hair and wear it any way you choose.

  1. They’ll look great on you

Ombre hair extensions and balayage hair extensions integrate easily into short, medium length and long hair and, depending upon the hair extensions you choose, can add anything from a hint of color that will frame your face and highlight your best features to a dramatic pop of color that will make you stand out from the crowd.   




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