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After you decide to put hair extensions in, you still need to decide which type to get.

Which type is the best hair extensions?

Here is a basic list of types with suggestions on what will work best for you.

Best Hair Extensions 2017

Tape-In Style:

Best Hair Extensions: Tape In Hair ExtensionsThe down side to tape-in hair extensions are that the taped areas can at times get twisted or scrunched up which can make them look different or feel uncomfortable. This is why it pays to be quite diligent when taking care of them (or any hair extensions for that matter!) They don't work as well on naturally curly hair if you like to wear it curly as they attach to and wear better on smoother hair.Tape-in hair extensions are really a great choice if you have fine and/or thin hair. They stay flat to the head, have color matched tops so they match your root color, and are versatile in their application. Typically they are installed two by two, in that there are two pieces added to every one section of your natural hair, one on top and one on bottom. But, if you add only one piece to each section of your natural hair, they are a bit less bulky and your hair purchase goes further. You can essentially get double the use of the hair you buy, as each single piece is sealed off with one-sided tape for a secure hold. With this method you can also put some pieces in areas where your hair is thinner without detection. It's a win-win.







Clip-In Style: 

There is a learning curve on putting them in, but practice and you will get there. Some people will lightly back comb the hair and then attach the clips to those sections for extra staying power. You can also tie the hair off with tiny elastics and secure the clips to those for even greater hold. You can use all or some of the hair provided, they come with several pieces in different sizes that will fit all areas of your head. You can mix and match colors at will to allow for your individual style.


With clip-in type hair extensions you are provided the most versatility and ease of installation. Put them in when you want, take them out when you don't. Wash them off the head, leave them out for sleeping and you can even style them off the head, then put back in.




Sew-In Style: 

Sew-in style hair extensions are for a more limited population. They work best on dense, thicker hair, hair that is curly or very textured. The natural hair needs to be tied off in such a way that some of it is taken out of the equation, and there needs to be enough hair to overcome this deficit. (Ironic since you are adding hair into the mix). It's just the nature of the application.

Sew In Hair Extensions

The natural hair is either braided and tied off, or tied off in mini ponytails which are then used as a track to attach the "weft" or sewn together hair. (A weft is loose hair that has been sewn together with a seam at the top; it comes in pre-cut sections or on one long seam that is then cut to fit the head). The wefted hair is sewn to the track with thread, can be quite secure, but also can feel tight and uncomfortable for a couple of days until you adjust. 

This type is better for thicker textured hair as mentioned above, and when taken care of can last for quite a while. If you have the pony tail type of tie-off, you can tighten up the mini ponies to make them last longer. This won't work forever but it will buy you some extra time before heading back to the salon.

Micro-Ring or Locks Style:

The micro-ring or lock type of extension can be quite effective and look natural when well taken care of. It's great for fine and/or thin hair as it is well hidden.






Micro Ring Hair

In this application the natural hair is divided into about 1/4 to 1/2 inch sections, a section of extension hair is then added to that section and both are secured with a pliable ring or lock which is clamped down to hold it all in place. There are many of these little sections with locks all over the head, and one advantage is that if you lose one it won't disrupt the whole look. You can even lose a few and not have to run back right away to have them reattached.


Great care must be take with this method, as you don't want to neglect them and allow the lock to break the hair.



Some do's and don'ts to remember about any type of hair extensions:

*Do brush out tangles completely before getting wet

*Do shampoo carefully with gentle shampoo and rinse thoroughly, don't shampoo too often

*Do condition well, combing conditioner through the hair before rinsing thoroughly

*Don't over heat with blow dryer or other hot tools

*Don't sleep with wet hair, don't sleep with hair down, tie up loosely for best results

*Don't pull or brush the hair excessively or aggressively

*Do visit your stylist regularly for best results, Don't neglect your hair extensions!


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