Posted by Lisa Marquis

With Easter fast approaching, and spring already here, it's time to think about changing your hair color! Spring is traditionally a time for change, rebirth and exploring all things fun after the chill of winter. So let's talk about some fresh hair ideas in 2017!

As the weather warms up, it's a great time to add some lighter tones to your hair, like honey, champagne, caramel, even platinum. While it's not always best to lighten your own hair due to damage, length or the desire to change your color frequently, hair extensions are a perfect way to get the new look you crave.

Hair extensions come in essentially any color you desire. You can add highlights from subtle to chunky, in whatever color suits you. Mix and match for a versatile look. How about some caramel mixed with a little honey, or platinum and a bit of champagne to spice things up? Speaking of spice, you could add some fresh copper pieces mixed with the caramel. Do you love contrast? Mix that copper red with some platinum!

With clip-in hair extensions you can clip in whatever color suits your mood. Change them every day if you like. With no damage to your own hair, your color options are endless!

If you prefer an attached style hair extension, you can have your stylist mix in a variety of colors in one visit, then change the colors up in the next. This requires purchasing more hair, of course, but changing them out regularly will keep them from needing to be replaced as often, therefore saving you money. This changing out is simple with the micro-ring and the tape-in type of hair extensions. Bring all your favorite colors in to your stylist, they can help you mix and match for a gorgeous spring look!