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There are a vast amount of options available on the market for clip in hair extensions from color, length, to how much hair you need. We are going to be focusing on how to decide what amount of hair will work for you. Firstly, there are things to know about choosing the right amount, and this is understanding the lingo that manufactures use when describing hair extension products. The most common measurement and is widely known in the extension works is weight measured in grams. You can commonly see packages of hair being sold by 120g, 130g, 160g(coming soon),220g(coming soon) and so on. This can be confusing when trying to pick what will mean for you and your needs.

Clip in extensions have both a weight and the amount of stands on a weft. The higher the count the more the hair. Other factors also weigh into its weight such as length of the hair you are buying. Some things you'll want to look for in a high quality product is the continuity from the track(at the top), and the ends(at the bottom). Most commonly, when you are shopping for new extensions price can also be a factor. Typically, the higher amount of grams is going to be a higher cost. But, what does this really mean to you and choosing the right hair. Well, there are some factors you need to know when you purchase hair and we'll go through them.

What Type of Hair is Your Natural Hair?

In order to get a good match and have your extensions look realistic, and ladies we know this is the number one concern when wearing extension hair, you must first analyze your own natural hair. Ask yourself, is your hair fine or thick or maybe medium? Do you have wavy, straight, kinky, curly hair? Lastly what is your hair density? Hair density is described as the amount of hair you have in a 1x1 square inch on your head. If you have a lot of hair you have a higher density. This is the first step in determining what amount of hair is right for you. If you were to buy a lot of wavy hair and you normally have thinner or finer straight hair it may not match the leave out hair you will have to blend. It is very important to consider the blending of your natural hair to the  extensions for the most realistic look. A good rule of thumb is to order what your natural hair is like. If you have thick hair you will need more to produce the same lol but longer.

Why Are You Wanting Extensions?

Another aspect that is commonly skipped over, is why are you wanting extensions? Most people think that extensions are just for adding length, hence the term extension. However, there is another reason, to add volume and fullness. Some people are looking for a combination of both! Whichever reason brought you to getting extensions, choosing the correct amount of hair to achieve the desired look is crucial. If you are wanting fullness then selecting a higher gram will most certainly achieve this.


What Does Grams Mean on Wefted Hair?

To really explain grams of hair you must also look at the length of hair in which you are getting. If for instance, you get 18 inch long hair it may be 120g of hair per track. That same 120g if you go shorter length of extensions, say, 14 inches just to add volume it will appear fuller. This is something to keep in mind when buying a new set of extensions. When you are wanting to at length having a good amount of grams  would be ideal.

 130G T6/613# Before and After

Purchasing the Correct Amount and the Right Product for you

Making the decision on what to purchase can be confusing, and certainly if it is your first time getting extensions it may seem a little overwhelming. Clip ins are a great choice especially because you can add more tracks if necessary if you feel you need to, or take some out if it is a bit too heavy looking. If you have too many extensions in, a bulky look can happen from several tracks being in place. While a gram count is important, length is also a major factor. When you go to picking your hair look at what a shop offers. Do the grams increase with length? This is a great sign because with the added length will come added weight. If there isn't an increase the hair count on the weft will be less and therefore look sparse. This is usually found on lower end, lower quality products.


After you have analyzed your own hair type, density, and length, you will now be able to make an informed purchase. Remember to keep in mind what you are wanting to achieve whether fullness, or length or both. These are the two factors that weigh heavily on your need for more grams and length.


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