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With many reasons to want to color your extensions, ranging from wanting to add a high light, low light, or even a color accent to your natural color. Coloring your extensions can also provide a change in color without damaging your own hair in the process. This will ultimately let you know if a big change in your natural hair is something you would like to do. Coloring hair extensions isn't as tricky as you might think. There are so many possibilities and color options to choose from, and it just takes a few items and time to get the perfect outcome for your new extensions. Coloring or dying your extensions can either be a permanent change or a temporary one depending on what dye you choose. You may either a permanent, demi or semi permanent.

For the easiest route to coloring extensions choosing a pre lightened hair extension. This will allow for more options and easy coloring. So let's get started.

What You’ll Need



Hair Coloring


Wide Tooth Comb

Aluminum Foil

Color bowl

Color brush





Getting Started

Firstly, you will need to detangle your clip in hair extensions. This is paramount to ensuring your color is saturated completely throughout the whole extension. After you have completely detangled your extensions it is time to whip up your hair color. If you are trying to go lighter shades, or super vibrant colors you’ll first need to lighten the hair. This will require the use of lightener, developer, and aluminum foil. Once you have applied the lightener you’ll wrap in foil and apply heat. Once the desired level of lightness is achieved you will rinse and shampoo and condition.  It is important to follow your hair colors manufacturer's instructions. You'll want to wait to color your clip in extensions until they are dry if you have pre lightened them.

You'll be wanting to wear gloves anytime you are working with chemicals such as color and lightener. Start by laying out your hair extensions individually on separate sheets of foil. If you stack them, or make them clumpy the color will not penetrate evenly. Once you have got them organized you can now begin mixing the color.

Mixing and Applying Color

It's very important to follow manufacturers instructions for mixing your color. It is also important to use the right level of developer. Make sure that your color and developer are well mixed, you will now be ready to apply. Using your color brush start applying the color to the ends first, and then move up the weft.  A good method to make sure it is evenly saturated is to use the corner of the color brush and sweep in a downward motion. You won't need to work in a super slow pace to apply but be mindful that all stands are completely saturated. After you have applied the color to the front, flip the extensions over and repeat the process. Next you'll want to seal the extensions with the aluminum foil. You can use another piece and just lay on top or fold the one piece over. Either method will work, you just want to be sure they are covered. This is good for processing, and also less messy.

Processing Time

Processing time will vary based on what color manufacturer you are using, so again I stress read the instructions. A good rule of thumb on clip in hair extensions would be about a 30- 45 min processing time if you are going darker. This will allow for ample time for the color to fully process.


Shampoo and Conditioner

After your processing time has been completed it is now time to rinse. The easiest way is to rinse each hair extension track individually. You will want to use cold water, and rinse until the water is clear. Do this for each hair extension weft. Are you have them all rinsed, it's shampoo time. Fill your sink with lukewarm water adding a small amount of color safe shampoo, then mix. Place your extensions in the sink and mix around gently, but be conscious not to make unnecessary tangles. Next, you'll drain the sink and rinse.

Conditioner will need to be color safe, just like the shampoo you used. It is a good idea to apply and let it sit for about an hour on hair that has been colored. This will restore moisture and shine. At this stage you can gently use your wide tooth comb to remove tangles, but be gentle. Once you are ready to rinse, remember to use cold water.


Those are the basic steps to coloring your clip in hair extensions. Try to keep them as free of tangles as you can during the process, this will help for the coloring process and for it to look even. There is nothing worse than splotchy hair. Take your time during the application process, and always remember to read the manufacturer's instructions for both mixing and processing time.Enjoy your vibrantly colored clip in extensions, whether you are using bright bold or darker color levels, they will be sure to wow.


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    Can these kinky straight clip ins be colored? I don’t see any kinky straight ombre.

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