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Wear a kinky curly afro one day and straight and sleek hair the next with clip in hair extensions specifically designed to blend flawlessly into straightened or natural black hair. Clip in hair extensions have the ability to provide black women with a nearly unlimited array of hair styling options. The best clip in hair extensions for black women are quick and easy to use, a perfect match for just about any hair texture and allow black women to be creative with their hair without suffering long term damage.

These days, clip in hair extensions come in everything from 100% human hair to synthetic and synthetic and human hair blends. Unlike in years past, black women can now find clip in hair extensions in a variety of textures, like 4c natural hair, that can be used to compliment a variety of natural hair styles, as well as traditional straight or wavy textures like Yaki or Remy hair.

With so many options to choose from, selecting the best clip in hair extensions for black hair can seem overwhelming but getting to know the basics of clip in hair extensions for black hair makes the selection process just as easy as clipping in new extensions will be. Here are a few important things to know for finding the best clip in hair extensions for black hair:

Human or Synthetic Hair

Clip in hair extensions are made of the highest quality human hair and, with proper care and maintenance, can last several years. Clip in extensions made of human hair are typically the most expensive but are often preferred because they look like natural hair and can be unnoticeable when blended well.

Synthetic clip in hair extensions are made from acrylic or other synthetic fibers that are manufactured to look like strands of human hair. The synthetic fibers are created in a variety of lengths and colors and molded into various curl patterns. Synthetic clip in hair extensions are a less expensive alternative to higher priced human hair extensions and may not maintain their appearance for quite as long as human hair clip in extensions.

Yaki or Remy Hair

Yaki hair is hair that is processed to resemble straightened or relaxed afro textured hair. It typically consists of hair from a number of different donors and may be combined with synthetic fibers. Yaki hair is available in a number of textures including straighter light Yaki hair or thicker coarse Yaki hair and is often less expensive than other varieties of human hair.

Remy hair is 100% human hair that comes from one donor. Hair strands are placed from root to tip and great care is taken to keep the cuticle of the hair intact during the harvesting process. Both steps make the hair shed less than other types of human hair. Remy hair may remain untreated (virgin hair) or may receive minimal processing. The attention to detail during the harvesting process and the way it’s processed makes Remy hair among the most expensive hair weave types.

Clip in hair extensions are available in an assortment of textures that compliment black hair including:

Kinky Straight

Kinky Straight Clip In Hair Extensions

Kinky straight clip in hair extensions are designed to look like natural afro-textured hair that has been stretched or straightened without the use of chemical treatments and can be compared to how black hair looks after being blown semi straight with a hair dryer.  Kinky straight hair clip in hair extensions allow wearers to maintain the fullness of natural hair and have the added benefit of blending into the hair seamlessly.

Kinky Curly

Kinky Curl Clip In Hair Extensions

Kinky curly clip in hair extensions have a curl pattern, thickness and feel that closely resembles natural afro textured hair in its curliest form. Kinky curly clip in hair extensions can be used to add length and volume to any natural hair style.

Body Wave

Body Wave Clip In Hair Extensions

Body wave clip in hair extensions can be used to add length and loose flowing curls to relaxed or straightened natural hair. Body wave clip in hair extensions eliminate the need for curling irons or uncomfortable and time consuming roller sets. Just clip them in for instant curls.

Jerry Curl


Jerry Curl clip in hair extensions have an updated version of the sheen and the curl and wave pattern made popular by the Jheri Curl hair treatment for black hair.  Unlike the original hair treatment, Jerry Curl clip in hair extensions don’t require daily oil applications to maintain their curls.

Silky Straight

Silky Straight Clip In hair Extensions

Silky straight clip in hair extensions are the straightest of all textures. These bone straight clip in hair extensions are soft, flat and smooth and are can compliment hair that has been relaxed, flat ironed or silk pressed.  

Get to Know Your Natural Hair Texture

Clip in hair extensions come in a variety of textures that are designed to blend with the wide range of hair textures of black women. Here are some methods of identifying different hair textures and tips for selecting the correct hair texture for each:

4c natural hair

4c natural afro textured hair often has a very tight curl pattern with a series of kinks along the length of the hair shaft that causes the strand to twist in the opposite direction and to fold over on itself multiple times creating a dense mass of hair. Strands of 4c natural hair, also called kinky curly, afro coily or kinky coily hair, can be thick or very fine in texture and are often very fragile.

4c hair clip in extensions provide the look of natural 4c hair while protecting tender 4c tresses from the damage done by daily styling. 4c clip in extensions can be integrated into long or short natural black hair or used while transitioning from relaxed to natural hair. 4c clip in hair extensions are available in a variety of lengths and colors for greater hair styling options.

Curly hair

Curly “S” shaped or wavy type 3 natural hair is easily identified by its definite curl pattern. Unlike type 4 natural hair, type 3 doesn’t possess kinks that make the hair strand reverse direction and fold up and appear shorter. Instead, this naturally curly hair texture maintains a continual coil or wave pattern along the entire length of the strand. Naturally curly type 3 hair is also considered to be very prone to breakage and heat damage. The loose curl of type 3 natural hair is often recreated with the use various styling techniques including straw sets, roller sets and twist outs by individuals who don’t have the texture naturally.  

Whether your hair is naturally curly or you prefer to wear your hair in loose curls or waves curly clip in hair extensions can give your hair greater volume and provide greater styling flexibility.

How to select clip in extensions for natural hair

When choosing clip in extensions for kinky curly type 4 or curly and wavy type 3 hair select the curl pattern and strand thickness that most resembles your natural hair. If selecting a color different than your natural hair color be sure to choose ombre colors that are dark at the roots and gently fade into the other color so that your clip in hair extensions will have a more natural appearance.




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