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Ombre and Balayage Style Hair Extensions

So you’ve decided to get hair extensions. Now you need to decide what color you want. While you may decide to match your natural hair color, you may want to change it up and choose a new color. If you don’t already color your hair and don’t want to, there are still many color options for you.

This is where choosing an Ombre or a Balayage color may be just right for you. Ombre and Balayage colors offer many choices from blonde, caramel, red, golden honey, the colors really are endless. You can choose one shade or more than one. You can mix them for varied colors or use just one at a time.

Above is an an example of a honey/caramel balayage color technique.

This collection shows the difference between Ombre shades and Balayage. As you can see the Ombre creates a more definite line between colors, and the Balayage is a softer effect. Choose one or both techniques to change your look at will. Hair extensions offer you the freedom of color, any time you like!

If you have any questions, consult our knowledgeable staff, they will be happy to assist you.


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