Posted by Lisa Marquis

It is very important to take proper care of your hair extensions. The better you treat them, the longer they can last, which saves you money in replacement cost, and they look better while you wear them.

If you are wearing synthetic hair, the most important thing you need to know is that you cannot use any hot tools on them! Heat will melt the hair, this includes hot water. So when you do need to wash them, do so in cool/cold water, work mild shampoo in very gently and let them air dry. No blow dryer or other hot tools may be used. Don't wash them any more than absolutely necessary.

If you are wearing human hair, (Remy type is best, it is cutically correct) there are a few things to keep in mind: you can wash them like your own hair, but care should be taken to be as gentle as possible. Sulfate free shampoos and/or shampoos made for color treated hair are best as they contain less detergent and are milder.

Brush the hair gently before washing, removing all tangles. Shampoo in the direction the natural hair grows, from top to bottom. Don't scrunch up the hair or twist and rub excessively. Rinse thoroughly, especially near the scalp so you don't get any shampoo buildup there. After shampooing, apply conditioner liberally and comb through hair with a wide-toothed comb. This removes any residual tangles and makes the hair easier to work with. Rinse thoroughly again. Towel dry the hair from top to bottom, taking care not to twist or tangle. Comb hair thoroughly. Apply product, including leave-in conditioner to the ends. You can blow dry, but be careful not to heat up the tape area too much, it can cause the tape to dry out and loosen up sooner. Keep the blow dryer moving so you don't overheat any one area too much.

While drying, avoid pulling too much on the hair, as this may loosen the bonds. Be as gentle as possible during styling. You can use hot tools, but do so sparingly to avoid unnecessary damage, not only to the extensions but to your own hair as well. You can use oils to smooth the hair and add shine, but avoid putting it on the tape area since it can cause it to slip and/or loosen. 

Be gentle when pulling hair up into a pony or with clips so as to not bend or scrunch up the tape; this will help it last longer and feel better while wearing. As with all hair extensions it is a good idea to pull the hair up at night while sleeping, in a low pony is ideal. This keeps the hair from tangling and protects the tape from getting twisted and loose.

Quick Recap of Proper Maintenance of Tape-in Extensions

  • 1) Detangle thoroughly
  • 2) Shampoo gently
  • 3) Rinse thoroughly
  • 4) Condition, comb through
  • 5) Rinse thoroughly
  • 6) Towel blot gently in downward direction
  • 7) Dry carefully on low heat when possible, keep excessive heat away from tape
  • 8) Pull up while sleeping
  • 9) Have your extensions properly installed by your stylist
  • 10) Keep up with regular maintenance

Proper Care and Maintenance of Tape-In Hair Extensions