Posted by Jessica Jobs

Clip in hair extensions have been used for a long time now. Everyone from celebrities to just every day girls will rock the clip ins. The reason being is the ease of use. Clip in extensions have so many benefits over alternative methods of extra length and fullness not just the ease of install. It helps that clips are completely achievable on your own. They only require minimal amounts of styling and installation is nothing more than a click of the clips. For these reasons and so much more they are the go to for changing up your hairstyle and look. Let's take a look at why clip ins are worth the investment, and the ideal choice for adding the length, fullness, and volume you have always wanted.

Clip in Cost

Out of all the possible hair extension methods, clip ins are actually one of the cheapest routes you can go. Sure there are expensive sets of hair, when you start to get into Remy hair, and English hair. They are the most desired locks among hair extension enthusiast. For the everyday wearer though, the cost of good quality hair is a great deal cheaper. The average amount an individual will spend on real human hair clip in extensions will be around $150. This is a steal considering you really don’t need to have anything else for them. There is no added cost after the initial purchase. This is greatly due to not having to have a professional perform an install.

Upkeep of Clip in Extensions

Clip in’s have the easiest maintenance of any other option available. They only need to be washed once every 13 or so wears. Unlike hair that is more permanent and can’t be removed every day, you will have to wash and style them every time you wash your own natural hair. This can become very time consuming. All hair extensions must be combed to ensure they are not becoming ratty and filled with tangles.

Clip in Options are Vast

If you were to look at every possible option available for clip ins you would be astounded. Not only are the available colors vast but the texture options available will blend with just about anyones natural hair. This is possibly one of the greatest benefits of clip in hair extensions because they can be seamless.

Installation and Removal

Being able to install and remove whenever you want is thought to be the number one reason for getting clip in extensions. Most women who try other methods find that sleeping is uncomfortable due to the strain fusions and tape ins can produce. With Clip in extensions this is not a problem. You simply remove them before bedtime and install in the morning if you so desire. It is also something you can do at home on your own. There is no need to pay someone to install or remove. There are no special tools required as well.

No Harm to Your Own Hair

Not bringing harm to your hair is quite the upside. Since clip in hair extensions are only worn during the day, or for special events it doesn’t put as much strain on your natural hair. It is recommended to not sleep with your clip ins in, as it can make your scalp tender and tug at your roots. There is almost never any damage done by rocking clip ins.

Experimenting with Colors

Since clip in hair extensions are easily removed, experimenting with trend colors  can give you a pop of color. This is a fun way to see if you would like to change your own hair color to match the vibrant shades or if you simply want a peekaboo of color. Which ever you are looking to accomplish just giving it a try won’t completely damage your own natural hair.

Some Clip in Extensions Can be Colored

Lastly, some clip in extensions can be colored. You are only limited on coloring clip ins if you purchase a synthetic clip in. Most of the human hair clip in extensions can be colored to whatever you would like. With other methods it is not recommended. For instance color can break down some of the bonds used in fusion extensions, and the tape that is used in tape in extensions.

So when you are considering getting hair extensions, give clip ins a try. They are versatile, cost effective and most importantly you can do yourself in the privacy of your own home. They can last up to a year or longer with appropriate treatment, which is much longer than their competition which can only last from 3 to 6 months. With the easy maintenance, and overall appearance they should be your first choice when getting extensions. They are also great for those who have never had extensions and have been curious on what they would feel like.