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Clip in hair extensions are one of the best types of extensions for individuals who are not interested in making a long term hair style commitment and for anyone who wants to save money in the long run.

Unlike many other weaving techniques that require professional installation and often render the extensions completely useless after one installation the very same clip in hair extensions can be worn over and over again and be installed at any time without the assistance of a professional and in the comfort of your own home saving you both time and money.

If clip in hair extensions are stored properly in between wears they can be worn an infinite amount of times and can literally be taken right out of the box or any storage container they’ve been placed in and attached to your hair with minimal time and effort. If clip in extensions are not stored properly they can deteriorate quicker than intended leaving you with bleached out or faded coloring, an unpleasant odor and dry and brittle extensions to work with.  

Long term storage of your clip in hair extensions in a way that helps them retain their color and keeps them looking ,feeling and smelling fresh requires many of the same steps you would follow to keep them looking great in between the times that you wear them on a regular daily or weekly basis.  

The Best Way to Store Your Clip-In Hair Extensions  A Step by Step Guide

Here’s a step by step guide that shows you the best way to store your clip in hair extensions:

Step 1

Remove tangles and knots

Any area of your clip in hair extensions that’s stuck together, matted or tangled has the potential to do major damage to your clip in hair extensions. Maintain the healthy appearance of your extensions by taking the time to detach and separate any knots and tangles that may have formed in your clip in hair extensions while you were wearing them.

Step 2


It’s important to make sure your clip in hair extensions are completely clean before storing them for long periods of time. Preserve the color of color treated human hair clip in extensions with a shampoo that’s specifically formulated for use on color treated hair or use a moisture rich shampoo to bring your extensions back to their original soft and bouncy state. Use cleansing shampoos on synthetic clip in hair extensions to ensure your synthetic extensions are free of dirt and product residue.  

Step 3


Use a moisturizing conditioner to infuse your human hair clip in hair extensions with moisture and oils needed to keep them looking their best. Skip this step with synthetic clip in hair extensions. Conditioners may change how synthetic hair feels and weigh it down.

Step 4


Use a hand held blow dryer or extend your clip in hair extensions on a smooth and even surface and allow them to air dry. Make sure your extensions are completely dry before moving on to the next step.

Step 5

Seal the ends

After your clip in hair extensions are completely dry put a drop of oil or serum in one palm, rub both hands together and apply the oil or serum from the clip to the ends of your clip in hair extensions. Serums that contain nourishing oils and other products created for this purpose can help your clip in hair extensions maintain the moisture that was added to them by the conditioner. Adding oils an serums to synthetic hair clip in extensions isn’t recommended because it may make them to appear oily and lead to product build up.

Step 6

Put them in a container

Select a container that is both wide and long enough to hold your clip in extensions. Make sure it is dust, dirt and grime free as well as free of any other objects. Also make sure the container you use is well ventilated so that your extensions can maintain their freshness. You can create a well ventilated container by poking holes in a cardboard box or through the lid of a plastic container. You can also keep your clip in hair extensions looking and smelling fresh by placing them in airtight storage bags.

Step 7

Choose the best location

When choosing a location to store your clip in hair extensions long term opt for places that are out of direct sunlight and that will be neither too hot nor too cold. Keep the container, box or bag containing your clip in hair extensions in a place where children and pets can’t reach them and don’t store them under other clothing, other boxes or anything that may crush or damage the container holding your clip in hair extensions.







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    Steps shown are really beneficial for teke care of your hair extensions.
    Nice work.
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