Posted by Jessica Jobs

High quality human hair and synthetic clip in hair extensions typically undergo a process that minimizes the potential for tangling when they are being made. Although this is true, there are plenty of opportunities for your clip in hair extensions to become tangled while you’re wearing them throughout the day that could not have been predicted by the product’s manufacturer.

Getting the strands of your clip in hair extensions snagged on buttons, trapped in zippers or tightly wrapped around each other as you toss and turn while sleeping can be a daily occurrence for some people who wear clip in hair extensions. These incidents can often cause small knots and tangles to form in the clip in extensions. If these knots and tangles are not removed properly they can cause strands of hair to break free and eventually give your extensions an unattractive appearance.

Why detangling is important

Detangling is essential for maintaining the overall good appearance of your clip in hair extensions. Tangled hair that contains knots and portions that are matted together is difficult to style and hard to blend with your hair. When you take a moment after removing your clip in hair extensions to inspect them for knots and tangles from the clip to the ends you are potentially increasing the amount of time you’ll be able to wear them. Detangling will keep straight extensions smooth and will help to maintain the wave or curl pattern of curly extensions.   

How often you should detangle

It’s best to detangle your clip in hair extensions each time that you wear them. When you detangle your clip in hair extensions on a regular basis you prevent small knots from growing into large ones. Also, frequent detangling ensures that you’ll be able to completely remove the knots and tangles that have formed in your extensions. If you wait too long to detangle your clip in hair extensions you risk the tangles becoming too difficult to remove and you risk potential long term damage to your extensions. Creating a detangling routine that you’ll commit to following after you remove your clip in hair extensions will help you remember to inspect them on a regular basis.

Detangle in 2 simple steps

Detangling your clip in extensions is easy to do and can prolong the life of your clip in hair extensions. Fortunately, detangling is a simple process that can be completed in just a few minutes.

If you’re not sure how to detangle your clip in hair extensions here are a few steps that show you how the process works:

Step 1

Gently slide the clips of your clip in hair extensions out of your hair.

Step 2

Take a good look at your clip in hair extensions to identify any knots or tangles that may have formed in them while they were installed.

Step 3

Once tangles and knots have been found spray them with a little water or apply a detangling product to your clip in hair extensions then use your fingers or a small toothed comb to slowly and gently pull the individual strands of hair free.