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Like many other types of extensions the individual strands of hair that are used to create clip in hair extensions are attached to a small strip of fabric called a weft.

The hair of most clip in hair extensions is sewed onto the weft with sewing machine. This process creates a secure bond between the hair and the weft that produces extensions that can be used over and over again without the possibility of hair coming loose from the weft in large quantities.

Despite the fact that individual strands of clip in hair extensions are securely attached to the weft some shedding of hair from the extensions may still occur over time.

Normal activities like combing, brushing or detangling your hair clip in hair extensions may cause strands of hair to come loose from the weft. This type of shedding is considered normal and can be expected to occur for as long as you own your clip in hair extensions.

If, for any reason, you decide to cut the weft of your clip in hair extensions you’ll experience much more shedding than what would occur during regular care and maintenance because the seam sewn into the weft has been broken.

When it occurs over long periods of time, shedding can cause your clip in hair extensions to become much thinner than they were when you first bought them.

Thankfully, it’s easy to minimize the shedding of strands of hair from your clip in hair extensions. Adding a little glue to the weft of your clip in hair extensions reinforces the bond that’s already present and ensures that fewer strands of hair will break loose from them.

Sealing the seams of your clip in hair extensions with glue protects the wefts of your clip in hair extensions from water, sweat and the oils that are naturally present on your scalp and keeps them safe from the stresses of daily styling.

Glues you can use

Not every type of glue is appropriate to use to seal the wefts of your clip in hair extensions. When considering what type of glue you’d like to use to seal your extensions look for glues that are long lasting, become clear or match the color of your extensions when they’re dry and that create a flexible bond that allows your clip in hair extensions to bend in any direction after it has been applied.

The best glues to use for sealing clip in hair extensions

Fabric glues

Fabric glues work well because they keep moisture out and create a strong bond. They also remain completely flexible when dry and most dry down to a clear finish.

Hair bonding glue

Hair bonding glue is great to use on the wefts of your clip in hair extensions because it’s designed to use to glue tracks of extensions into the hair. Hair bonding glue becomes rubbery and flexible when it’s dry which will allow you to manipulate your clip in hair extensions any way you want after the wefts have been sealed. Hair bonding glue is available in black and dark brown making it the perfect choice for any extensions that match these colors or that have dark roots.

Use caution when applying glues to the seams of your clip in extensions to seal them. Glues can be very messy and if not applied properly can drip or smear causing the strands of your extensions to stick together. For best results, lay your clip in hair extensions on a flat surface, use a towel to cover tour extensions and use a q-tip or small applicator to apply the glue directly to the wefts.



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