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Choosing the right hair for your extensions is just as important as choosing the right application method and the right stylist to do the job. Your experience is largely dependent upon choosing the right hair.

What the heck is Remy and why should you choose it?

Remy is the term used for human hair that is also “cutically correct.” What does that mean? Our hair naturally grows from our scalp area downward (obvious, right?) In this way, the cuticle, or layers that make up the hair shaft are growing in one direction. These layers lay on top of one another in a smooth fashion, and to disrupt this flow can be disastrous (frizz, lots of tangles). It’s important to keep the hair flowing in this correct direction, to avoid unnecessary damage. Remy hair does just that: it is guaranteed to all be going the right direction. If the hair is not labeled as Remy, it’s possible that when processed, some or all of it gets “turned around” and the cuticle is not going in the proper direction.

A good rule to keep in mind when buying hair extensions: human hair is the best choice for several reasons.

First, it feels better. It’s softer and feels very natural.

It looks more natural as well, for example the ends look more like your hair in the way they fall. This is also true in the way it looks when styled.

You can do just about everything with it that you can do with your real hair: wash, blow-dry, curl, flat iron. The one thing you shouldn’t do is abuse it; of course you shouldn’t be abusing your real hair either!

Human hair has many advantages over synthetic,certainly not the least of which are the styling options.

You cannot use any hot tools on synthetic hair as it will melt. You can’t shampoo synthetic hair in hot water, so unless you like cold showers the only choice in synthetic hair would be clip-ins.

The synthetic hair doesn’t look natural like human hair (think doll hair), although it’s ideal if you’re just looking for fun, crazy colors and don’t desire them to look totally natural.

With human hair extensions you will get the best experience. With Remy hair your experience will be even better.


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