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If you're considering hair extensions for the first time, or are thinking of changing the type of extensions you wear, here are some reasons to choose the tape-in type.

Why You Should Consider Tape-In Hair Extensions

1) Tape-ins are less visible than some other types of hair extensions. The tops of each extension piece are color matched so they blend with your natural color and settle seamlessly into your own hair.

2) Tape-in extension pieces are thinner than many wefted hair types, so they sit flatter to your head. This makes them more comfortable for you as well as better hidden from view. It also allows you to place them in areas that aren't as accessible with other methods, for example, closer to your face and higher up on the crown of your head. They are also more comfortable to sleep in, and are less noticeable to the touch.

3) Tape-ins can potentially save you money, here's why: Each piece that is applied can be put together with another piece to make what could be called a "hair sandwich" in that the two extension pieces are placed together with a slice of your natural hair in between. But, if you use just one piece of extension hair attached to your natural hair, with one sided tape to seal it off, you can now essentially double the amount of hair purchased! Applying the extensions in this manner allows you to cover more of your head, and using just one piece per section allows for greater coverage. 

4) It's easy and fun to use multiple colors with tape-ins. You can place different colors next to each other, you can place different colors on top or bottom of sections to change them up. With this method, you can create varied and beautiful color patterns at will. Create a highlighted look, add darker colors for warmth or drama, place several colors throughout to really make the look pop.

5) If properly taken care of, your tape-in extensions can be reapplied usually up to three times before you need to replace them. This is especially economic in light of the single piece application. Careful removal of the old adhesive allows you to re-use the pieces without adding any unnecessary bulk to the attachment site.

Consider tape-in extensions for your next hair adventure, you'll be glad you did!


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