• 5 Rules That You Could Not Do With Your Hair Extensions

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    Hair extensions are a great way to add your hair length,volume or highlight.You have so many what to expect and what to do when you get hair extensions.But there are also some you could not to do with hair extensions.

    Do Not Bleach or Lighten the Extensions

    Most of the time extensions come already dyed or bleached so to relighten them is typically not a good idea like 99% of the time it will not work well, you won't get the results you want or it will damage the extension. So because of the process of the extensions what happens to them chemically before you even get them, you don't know exactly what happens so it's not a good idea to lighten them. Keep in mind you can darken them a few shades if you want to color them darker but I don't recommend to lighten them or bleach them.

    Do Not Brush Hair Extensions When They Are Wet

    I recommend to use a wide toothed comb,because if you were to brush your hair especially when they are tangled when they are wet you can cause a  lot of breakage, you can cause the extensions to slip out and just a lot of unnecessary damage to the extension because the best thing to do and what I suggest to do is to use a detangle spray before going at it with a brush or anything and comb them out with a wide toothed comb. So if you have excessive tangles use a wide toothed comb so that where you don't damage the hair, it's much safer and you won't lose any extensions.

    Do Not Use A Hot Styling Tool

    Most girls they'll crank up their straightener to like 420 degrees or the highest setting that it could go and yes it might give you a nice long lasting curl or straighten but I don't recommend doing that when you have extensions. First of all I suggest using a thermal protectant like a heat protectant so then this way you are protecting your extensions and your own hair and use a mild or medium setting on your straightener or curling iron and even your blow dryer. And as a side tip, if you have fusion extensions do not use a blow dryer on high heat for sure because you may actually melt the glue and you'll end up with a big mess or more likely your extensions will just slip out because the glue is now soft. So no matter what type of extension you have I don't recommend to use a high heat setting and especially if you're not using a heat protecting spray.

    Do Not Cut Your Hair Extensions Yourself

    Some girls are buying extensions online,so they have no idea to blend their own hair to the extensions,the biggest mistake people can make it trying to cut it themselves because then you have to basically redo everything or order them again if they are too short or they are cut weird,so I don't recommend to do it. Unless really you've practiced before or you've done your research,so you'd better go to a professional, somebody who knows how to cut extensions specifically and not just hair because it's different.

    Do Not Sleep With Wet Extensions

    Don't go to sleep with wet extensions or if you have clip ins don't go to sleep with clip ins at all because clip ins can actually cause bald spots when you are rolling around and they are clipped in there really tight. They can actually snag the hair, it's a big disaster.

    So don't go to bed with wet hair basically because depending on the method that you have on, whether it be fusion or tape the water can sip in and actually cause them to fall out sooner than you want, as well as just any kind of extension can really tangle up when its wet. So to go to sleep with it wet, you're probably going to end up with a big mess in the morning that you're going to have to deal with so I recommend to at least semi-dry your hair before bed, comb it out nicely and then put it up either in a high pony tail or two pig tails or something, someway that it's comfortable for you to sleep and the extension won't be matting.

    So those are  5 rules what not to do rules. So I hope you guys learnt something, if you have any of your own tips, please feel free to leave them below.

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  • The Benefits of Clip in Extensions Over Other Methods

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    Clip in hair extensions have been used for a long time now. Everyone from celebrities to just every day girls will rock the clip ins. The reason being is the ease of use. Clip in extensions have so many benefits over alternative methods of extra length and fullness not just the ease of install. It helps that clips are completely achievable on your own. They only require minimal amounts of styling and installation is nothing more than a click of the clips. For these reasons and so much more they are the go to for changing up your hairstyle and look. Let's take a look at why clip ins are worth the investment, and the ideal choice for adding the length, fullness, and volume you have always wanted.

    Clip in Cost

    Out of all the possible hair extension methods, clip ins are actually one of the cheapest routes you can go. Sure there are expensive sets of hair, when you start to get into Remy hair, and English hair. They are the most desired locks among hair extension enthusiast. For the everyday wearer though, the cost of good quality hair is a great deal cheaper. The average amount an individual will spend on real human hair clip in extensions will be around $150. This is a steal considering you really don’t need to have anything else for them. There is no added cost after the initial purchase. This is greatly due to not having to have a professional perform an install.

    Upkeep of Clip in Extensions

    Clip in’s have the easiest maintenance of any other option available. They only need to be washed once every 13 or so wears. Unlike hair that is more permanent and can’t be removed every day, you will have to wash and style them every time you wash your own natural hair. This can become very time consuming. All hair extensions must be combed to ensure they are not becoming ratty and filled with tangles.

    Clip in Options are Vast

    If you were to look at every possible option available for clip ins you would be astounded. Not only are the available colors vast but the texture options available will blend with just about anyones natural hair. This is possibly one of the greatest benefits of clip in hair extensions because they can be seamless.

    Installation and Removal

    Being able to install and remove whenever you want is thought to be the number one reason for getting clip in extensions. Most women who try other methods find that sleeping is uncomfortable due to the strain fusions and tape ins can produce. With Clip in extensions this is not a problem. You simply remove them before bedtime and install in the morning if you so desire. It is also something you can do at home on your own. There is no need to pay someone to install or remove. There are no special tools required as well.

    No Harm to Your Own Hair

    Not bringing harm to your hair is quite the upside. Since clip in hair extensions are only worn during the day, or for special events it doesn’t put as much strain on your natural hair. It is recommended to not sleep with your clip ins in, as it can make your scalp tender and tug at your roots. There is almost never any damage done by rocking clip ins.

    Experimenting with Colors

    Since clip in hair extensions are easily removed, experimenting with trend colors  can give you a pop of color. This is a fun way to see if you would like to change your own hair color to match the vibrant shades or if you simply want a peekaboo of color. Which ever you are looking to accomplish just giving it a try won’t completely damage your own natural hair.

    Some Clip in Extensions Can be Colored

    Lastly, some clip in extensions can be colored. You are only limited on coloring clip ins if you purchase a synthetic clip in. Most of the human hair clip in extensions can be colored to whatever you would like. With other methods it is not recommended. For instance color can break down some of the bonds used in fusion extensions, and the tape that is used in tape in extensions.

    So when you are considering getting hair extensions, give clip ins a try. They are versatile, cost effective and most importantly you can do yourself in the privacy of your own home. They can last up to a year or longer with appropriate treatment, which is much longer than their competition which can only last from 3 to 6 months. With the easy maintenance, and overall appearance they should be your first choice when getting extensions. They are also great for those who have never had extensions and have been curious on what they would feel like.

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  • 5 Things To Know or Do Before You Get Hair Extensions

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    Have you been thinking about enhancing your look by adding fullness or length to your natural hair? Hair extensions are the best way to change your look without having to permanently commit to colors. They can also be worn to give accent colors for special nights out or just to have some fun. Whatever the reason may be for you being interested in getting hair extensions there are a few things you should know before buying. If you know ahead of time, it will help you make the best decision on what your of extensions will work for you. Keep in mind this is a basic guide to help you achieve a positive outcome for your new clip in or tape in extensions.

    One: Get a Fresh Cut

    If you have ever noticed when you let your hair go uncut for a while, the scraggly ends will make it hard to blend into fresh new extensions. But why? Hair extensions come to you, as they should, in great shape with little damage done to them. If you are to blend them with ease having a fresh cut will most certainly help. So before your new extensions is due to arrive consider going to see your stylist for a haircut or trim depending on the length of time it’s been since you have gotten a haircut. However, don’t drastically change the length of your hair because it will be harder for you to  blend the extensions if you go from a medium do to a short pixie.

    5 Tips About Blending Hair Extensions With Short Hair 

    Two: Examine Your Own Natural Hair

    I can not begin to describe how much this means for ordering your hair, and how you will be able to install it. There are some important questions you should ask yourself for the best possible outcome. These will include:

    • What type of hair do I have: Straight, Wavy, Curly, Kinky
    • What is my hair density: Low, Medium, High
    • What is my color: Light, Dark, blonde, brunette, black etc.
    • What is my hair thickness: Thin, thick, medium

    These questions play an integral role in matching hair extensions for your particular hair. There will always have some of your own natural hair present when you wear clip in and tape in extensions. For this reason it is important to match the leave out with the closest option you can. You would not find that ordering straight hair if you have kinky hair to work out great. This is because the texture is so far off it couldn’t possibly look natural. Having a natural look is what extensions are mainly for. The key is to have no one know you are wearing them, while at the same time giving you the confidence to feel awesome about your hair. It doesn’t matter if it is for fullness or for length either one, matching the correct product to your own natural hair will make installing and wearing much easier and lets you worry less.

    Three: Color

    After already having touched on this slightly in number two when you examine your own hair. It is actually something to pay attention to. Are you wanting to have some peekaboo color come out that is obviously on purpose or are you trying to achieve the most natural look possible. If you are wanting to have a vivid color that is certainly not those that match your roots then you are good. If you are wanting natural you really need to pick the closest to match. If you are a blonde, there are so many levels to chose from. Bleach blondes go closer to the #613, while if you are wanting something more more realistic with high and low lights you will want to chose a blend. This will depend greatly on if you have colored your natural hair as well. The easiest way to order a good matching color is to identify your ends, and what color they are.

    Four: How Do You Style Your Hair?

    If you are not much for upkeep, then daily wear extensions might not be for you. They require a little bit of finesse to make them seamless. Rest assured once you have down exactly how they go into your head of hair it becomes much easier and part of your daily routine. Are extensions just for special occasions? If you are simply looking for a special occasion appeal then clip in or tape in would be an excellent choice. They can be removed quite easily and clip in’s can be done by you. If you have straight hair ordering straight hair will minimize the style time. Just as ordering a wavy if you have wavy will make it simple to blend. Keep this in mind if you are not wanting to straighten your natural hair every day to accommodate for straight hair extensions

    Five: What Type of Extension is Best For You?

    For the final rule, ask yourself if you are wanting something more permanant or something that you can do yourself. If you are looking for something to do in the comfort of your own home, Clip in’s are the best possible choice. Tape ins can also be achieved at home, but having a buddies help is recommended. All other options you will need to visit the salon for.

    So if you are wanting something that has not a bunch of upkeep that you can remove in your own time, clip ins are the clear winner. Hopefully when you are shopping for your new extensions you keep these 5 rules in mind and enjoy the new hair extensions.

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  • 6 Tips For Making For Clip In Hair Extensions Look Natural

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    So you've made the purchase of new clip in hair extensions, or maybe you are curious about how to make clip in extensions look their best. Now the big question, how am I going to make them look natural and no one be able to tell I'm wearing extensions? After all, the goal is to make them look as natural as possible, and there are certain things you can do to ensure no one will be the wiser. Some of these tips you might know already, but some you might not. They will help to make the transition to being confident wearing your clip in hair extensions daily.

    One: Color Matching Your Natural Hair and Extensions

    There are plenty of options on the market to date for clip in hair extensions. With that being said choosing the right ones for you. For the most natural look, you'll want to select the closest color to your own hair. This will make blending a lot easier. The best way to color match your extensions is looking at the ends of your hair. This will be the color that determines what extensions you should buy. If you are off by even a shade light or dark it can stand out and be very noticeable.

    Two: Quality of Your Clip In Extensions

    The second part to consider when ordering hair is the make up, is it synthetic or real human hair? Human hair will provide the most realistic look to your own hair. With varying cost it can be tempting to order synthetic, but to achieve the best overall look human hair, Remy hair is the way to go. Be sure when you order that the hair type is like your own, if you have straight hair you'll want to order straight extensions.

    The best part of using real human hair is the styling benefits. Most of the time heat shouldn't be used on synthetic hair, it has a tendency to burn. Using only human hair you are open to more styling options and coloring options. Be sure whenever you are using heat on your clip in extensions you are using a good heat protectant. This is essential, just as you should be using on your own natural hair. It provides much needed protection and will keep your locks looking great for longer.

    Three: Great Placement of Your Clip in Extensions

    One of the best ways to make your clip in hair extensions look natural is to know what good placement means. Depending on how much hair and how many tracks you have to work with will vary on how you place them. At times focusing on the back can be tricky because you can't see without the use of a mirror. If you have a full length mirror, it will help greatly with being able to see what you are doing. In general the best way to place your extensions is 2 of the the clip extensions in the lower back region with one of the 4 clips above those. For your sides it will depend on how you part your natural hair. If you have a side swoop bang you'll want to add one more to that side. Each side should get 1 two clip wefts and a single clip. This will ensure proper balance throughout. However, it is not necessary to use all hair you have, using too much can look not realistic as well. Remember to leave sections of your own hair between each clip in extension.

    Four: Back Combing

    To make sure your extensions don't slip, back combing where you want them to be placed will give the clips something to grab to. Back combing, or teasing, simply means you take your natural hair out, lift up, and slide a teasing brush down towards your roots. After you have finished the back combing you simply spray the teased area with light hair spray for a firmer hold.

    Five: Styling

    While styling is completely dependant on how you would like to wear your hair, curls are the easiest way to blend your clip in extensions. You will want to place your extensions in before curling. Each section should be done with some of your natural hair and done of the extension hair. Use of a great protectant is advised to prevent harming your hair, both extension and natural. Wearing your hair straight is a little more complex to blend, and works well if you flat iron the extensions before placing them for wear, and with the best if you already have straight natural hair.



    Six: See a Stylist

    Possibly the best thing you can do to make sure your extensions are on point is seeing your stylist for a hair trim. Your stylist will be able to cut your extensions to match your pre-existing hair cut for the most natural look. Getting your extensions cut to match your hair will also make placement much easier.


    Wearing your hair extensions proudly and confidently is possible. By following these simple steps you will be on your way to rocking your clip ins like a pro.

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  • How to Color Your Clip In Hair Extensions?

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    With many reasons to want to color your extensions, ranging from wanting to add a high light, low light, or even a color accent to your natural color. Coloring your extensions can also provide a change in color without damaging your own hair in the process. This will ultimately let you know if a big change in your natural hair is something you would like to do. Coloring hair extensions isn't as tricky as you might think. There are so many possibilities and color options to choose from, and it just takes a few items and time to get the perfect outcome for your new extensions. Coloring or dying your extensions can either be a permanent change or a temporary one depending on what dye you choose. You may either a permanent, demi or semi permanent.

    For the easiest route to coloring extensions choosing a pre lightened hair extension. This will allow for more options and easy coloring. So let's get started.

    What You’ll Need



    Hair Coloring


    Wide Tooth Comb

    Aluminum Foil

    Color bowl

    Color brush





    Getting Started

    Firstly, you will need to detangle your clip in hair extensions. This is paramount to ensuring your color is saturated completely throughout the whole extension. After you have completely detangled your extensions it is time to whip up your hair color. If you are trying to go lighter shades, or super vibrant colors you’ll first need to lighten the hair. This will require the use of lightener, developer, and aluminum foil. Once you have applied the lightener you’ll wrap in foil and apply heat. Once the desired level of lightness is achieved you will rinse and shampoo and condition.  It is important to follow your hair colors manufacturer's instructions. You'll want to wait to color your clip in extensions until they are dry if you have pre lightened them.

    You'll be wanting to wear gloves anytime you are working with chemicals such as color and lightener. Start by laying out your hair extensions individually on separate sheets of foil. If you stack them, or make them clumpy the color will not penetrate evenly. Once you have got them organized you can now begin mixing the color.

    Mixing and Applying Color

    It's very important to follow manufacturers instructions for mixing your color. It is also important to use the right level of developer. Make sure that your color and developer are well mixed, you will now be ready to apply. Using your color brush start applying the color to the ends first, and then move up the weft.  A good method to make sure it is evenly saturated is to use the corner of the color brush and sweep in a downward motion. You won't need to work in a super slow pace to apply but be mindful that all stands are completely saturated. After you have applied the color to the front, flip the extensions over and repeat the process. Next you'll want to seal the extensions with the aluminum foil. You can use another piece and just lay on top or fold the one piece over. Either method will work, you just want to be sure they are covered. This is good for processing, and also less messy.

    Processing Time

    Processing time will vary based on what color manufacturer you are using, so again I stress read the instructions. A good rule of thumb on clip in hair extensions would be about a 30- 45 min processing time if you are going darker. This will allow for ample time for the color to fully process.


    Shampoo and Conditioner

    After your processing time has been completed it is now time to rinse. The easiest way is to rinse each hair extension track individually. You will want to use cold water, and rinse until the water is clear. Do this for each hair extension weft. Are you have them all rinsed, it's shampoo time. Fill your sink with lukewarm water adding a small amount of color safe shampoo, then mix. Place your extensions in the sink and mix around gently, but be conscious not to make unnecessary tangles. Next, you'll drain the sink and rinse.

    Conditioner will need to be color safe, just like the shampoo you used. It is a good idea to apply and let it sit for about an hour on hair that has been colored. This will restore moisture and shine. At this stage you can gently use your wide tooth comb to remove tangles, but be gentle. Once you are ready to rinse, remember to use cold water.


    Those are the basic steps to coloring your clip in hair extensions. Try to keep them as free of tangles as you can during the process, this will help for the coloring process and for it to look even. There is nothing worse than splotchy hair. Take your time during the application process, and always remember to read the manufacturer's instructions for both mixing and processing time.Enjoy your vibrantly colored clip in extensions, whether you are using bright bold or darker color levels, they will be sure to wow.

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