Human Hair Care Instructions

About Combing

When brushing, use a soft bristle brush or a smooth-edged wide-toothed comb, start at the ends of your hair and gently work your way up. This avoids tangling and pulling damage. Always brush in a downward motion and do not brush harshly. 

About Washing

1. Wash the hair every week.

2. Use a mild shampoo (one containing amino acids is better.) 

3. Don’t grasp the root of the hair or overexert when washing. Wash the hair gently with fingers and don't rub or twist hair.

4. Air dry if possible. It's recommended to not expose the hair to the sun for too long.

About Moisturizing 

At least once a week, go through the rows of your braid base and gently apply scalp cream or argan oil (for example: Mizani cream, Coconut oil, Shea butter or lotion)

It is advisable to use herbal based products in case the hair begins to become dry and/or yellow. Using sulfate free shampoo is advisable to prevent splitting and unnecessary drying of the hair.


1 Oil sheen is not recommended for bonded hair, oil may cause the weave to slip out.

Heat is one of the biggest enemies, the more you use it, the more you can shorten the life of your hair extensions.

Wear a cap or keep your hair out of the water when swimming. Chlorine and salt water will cause the hair to tangle and mat up.

Even though it's 100% human hair, it’s not advisable to perm, color or do any other chemical processes to your hair extensions. 

As a general rule it is easier to darken the hair than to lighten the hair. If you must color your extensions, we recommend to dye darker, since it is possible for the original color to fade. Be aware that improper dying may ruin the hair.

Avoid brushing the hair when it's wet; brush gently and remove all tangles before you wash it. Wash your hair in a downward motion, in the direction the hair falls.

Keep your hair clean. Hair tangles when dirt and sweat builds up, wash it after exercise, swimming etc. 

Use a good shampoo, your stylist can advise you what product is best for your hair. When lots of water is added at once to very dry hair, hair can swell up and tangle.

8 When removing, it is best to consult your professional stylist.