Useful Tips For Caring For Your Clip In Extensions

After you have made your purchase of clip in extensions, you'll want to practice a good maintenance routine to keep them looking their best. Clip in hair extensions, whether synthetic or human require care, and there are a few helpful tips you'll want to practice to avoid damaging your luxurious new locks.

Keeping Extensions Free of Tangles

While this practice may seem like an easy one, it's important to use the right tools on clip in extensions. While your natural hair can tolerate a firmer brushing, extensions are a little more delicate. It is recommended that you only use a wide tooth comb or a soft bristle brush, preferably a brush made of boar bristles. These tools will lessen the amount of hair that is potentially lost due to snagging, and pulling from the weft itself. Always, and it can't be stressed enough, brush from the ends first. You'll want to firmly grasp your extensions at the top near the scalp and hold firm. Then with your other hand start using your wide tooth comb at the ends slowly progressing upward toward the weft. After you have removed most of the tangles or knots you can then switch to a soft boar bristle brush to finish detangling. Also, it is never a good idea to brush your extensions when they are wet, because hair is at its most fragile state and is more prone to breakage.

Using Shampoo

The use of shampoo is primarily to remove buildup from styling products and residual oil. Unlike natural hair, the oils from your scalp are not constantly running down the hair causing them to be excessively oily, however if you comb them while they are installed some oil can transfer. It is recommended to only shampoo when absolutely necessary. The recommended schedule of washing your clip in extensions is after 15-20 times of wearing them. It is important to choose the right shampoo for washing your extensions, and not to directly apply to them. For shampooing, add about two or three drops of shampoo into a clean sink with lukewarm water, and gently move the extensions around in the soapy water.

When choosing a shampoo, there are two options: you can purchase a shampoo specifically designed for extensions such as Cinderella Hair Extension Papaya Shampoo. Your other option is to use a shampoo that is sulphate and alcohol free, and that is color safe, one example would be Vibrant Sexy Hair by Sexy Hair. Most manufactures will include this information on the labels.

Conditioning Your Extensions

Conditioning is probably the best process you can do for your clip in extensions. After you shampoo, applying a good silicone free conditioner will keep hair soft and shiny. Conditioner will also restore moisture which is vital for  healthy looking hair.  For the best results, allow ample time to let the conditioner soak into the hair stands. The minimum amount of time is one hour, and overnight it will provide a deep conditioning effect. You may also use a deep conditioning treatment if your extensions are feeling dry, and have lost some luster. When the conditioner has been applied you may carefully run a wide tooth comb through, much as you did on them when they were dry. This will allow conditioner to reach every stand and aid in detangling.  

When it comes to buying conditioner for your clip in extensions it is not necessary to purchase conditioner only for extensions. You may use any conditioner that is silicone free, paraben free, and safe on color treated hair. Be sure to read the labels, just as you would for buying shampoo, to make sure it is free of parabens and silicone.

Storing Your Extensions

Store Hair Extensions

After all the care that goes into taking care of your extensions, storing them properly will keep them looking nice and prevent matting and tangles. It is recommended to keep them in a package, or box the same length as the hair to keep them straight and neat. You will want to stack them neatly on top of each other and gently place in the package. There are a few options on the market that provide a clean dry place to store them while not in use or you can use a clean shoe box if you have one.

Tips on What to Avoid When It Comes to Clip in Extensions

Some things you will want to avoid doing with your clip in extensions are:

Using heat to dry wet extensions. Extensive use of heat damages both synthetic and human hair. It may be tempting to quickly dry with a blow dryer, but for best results and longer lasting extensions allow them to air dry. When you style with heat, always remember to use a heat protectant, such as Firewall by AG.

Don't wear your clip in extensions in the pool. Chlorine is harmful to extensions and zaps the moisture right out of the hair. It also can cause tinting of your color, adding an unwanted green tint. It's best to just avoid chlorinated pools while wearing them.

It isn't recommended that you sleep in your clip ins. Not only is this damaging to your natural hair, but it will matte extensions horribly. It's a good idea to remove your extensions at bed time and place them in an extension storage bag or box


Caring for your hair extensions is quite simple, and with the tips provided your extensions will last longer and keep their healthy look. Protect your clip in hair extension investment and follow these easy steps to ensure the best results.