Our hair is Remy quality human hair, the best extension hair currently available. It is smooth, silky and lustrous, 100% human hair and guaranteed to not tangle or knot with proper care. You can learn more about Remy hair, and all the types of hair extensions we carry in our Blog section.
While there is no way to guarantee zero damage to your hair with extensions, the damage can be greatly minimized by taking the best care of them, and your natural hair. Brush them gently, don’t use too hot of a blow dryer or hot tools, don’t wash them excessively, etc. Go to our blog on Maintenance of Hair Extensions for a full explanation of how to take care of any type of hair extensions you might choose.
This is probably the most asked question by hair extension clients! The answer is not the same for everyone. Many factors can affect the life of your hair extensions: shampooing, drying, hot tools, conditioning, brushing. All activity with your extensions should be as gentle as possible. If you have clip-ins, take them out during activities that may damage them, including when you sleep. Brush and wash gently, hold the hair dryer at least 6 to 8 inches from hair while drying, condition and comb the conditioner through the hair before rinsing. Our blog on Care of Extensions goes into further detail on all these points.
It is not recommended that you color your hair extensions. This is because after they are crafted they are treated with products that may prevent them from coloring as expected. Best Hair Store has so many color choices, it makes coloring your extensions unnecessary. You can get any color you want from us. If it becomes absolutely necessary to color them, consult a professional stylist prior to doing so, one who is experienced with hair extensions.
Yes, but be careful. As mentioned above and in our blogs, be careful not to get too close with the blow dryer, especially near the scalp area where they are attached. Keep your hot tools at a temperature just hot enough to get the job done, and don’t over-style hair.
Tape-in extensions are one of the best choices to limit damage to your natural hair. If taken care of properly, very little to zero breakage will occur. Follow the rules of maintenance, and your tape-ins will last and serve you well.
Yes, but here again, maintenance is important. Before swimming, pull your hair up into a pony. This helps prevent matting and tangling. It’s best to wet your hair with clear water before swimming, since this will prevent less absorption of the chlorinated water. After swimming, rinse your hair thoroughly with clear water again, and as soon as possible, wash and condition your hair. If you wear clip-ins, it’s best to remove them before swimming and eliminate the possibility of damage altogether.
Our blogs cover this in great detail, we suggest you read those for the best information. The quick answer is after shampooing, apply conditioner and comb through your hair, then rinse throughly. Towel dry gently in a downward stroke, being careful not to rough up the hair. Comb or brush gently before styling.
Obviously if you have an attached method of hair extensions, you will be sleeping in them. Taking care of them will help prevent damage while sleeping. The best practice is to tie your hair up in a pony while sleeping. This keeps the hair from becoming tangled and matted during the night. Gently take the pony out and brush carefully before getting the hair wet. If you have clip-in extensions, simply remove them before sleeping, or, follow the above instructions for minimum damage.